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About us

The MK Mix is a Local Media Network focused on spotlighting and developing diverse community talent so it can better contribute positively to the development of Milton Keynes.

The vision is constantly evolving to meet the new economy through the power of The MK MIX culture network. 

Our express mission is not only to spotlight and celebrate, but to train, develop and inspire to go higher and meet the many challenges that lay ahead.

We understand the future of communication 

will take place in digital spaces where we can connect, develop and progress. 

Through technology and value-driven content, The MK Mix aims to ensure we build a brighter future for everyone. 

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As we lurch toward Brexit/ is right wing politics the new centre ground?

Culture/ In search of the best examples of MK embracing cultural diversity.

Diversity/ In the new automated economy, is there a business model for celebrating community?

Progress?/ Since Brexit, has sentiment become less tolerant toward diversity?