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The MK Mix is a Local Media Network funded by members focused on spotlighting and developing community talent that contributes positively to the development of Milton Keynes. There are dozens of cultural events that take place in Milton Keynes every month, but there is no single place to find out about all of them. The MK Mix is now that place. The vision is constantly evolving to meet the new economy through the power of The MK MIX culture network. Ensuring that events get maximum exposure so even more people can enjoy all the culture the city has to offer. Our express mission is not only to spotlight and celebrate, but to train, develop and equip communities to inspire, go higher and meet theses new challenges head on.

With over 100 different languages spoken, Milton Keynes is home to a diverse group of people across religion, cultures and ethnicities. All of these diverse communities tend to have their own projects and activities taking place in their section of town without much interaction from other communities.

The MKMIX is a project set up to bring people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, religions and ethnicities together to network, understand each other, create cohesion and become stronger together to better contribute an participate in the city. 

The aim of the project is to bring the wide and diverse communities of Milton Keynes to one place where they can interact, learn from each and collaborate and serve the people of Milton Keynes relentlessly 


As we lurch toward Brexit/ is right wing politics the new centre ground?

Culture/ In search of the best examples of MK embracing cultural diversity.

Diversity/ In the new automated economy, is there a business model for celebrating community?

Progress?/ Since Brexit, has sentiment become less tolerant toward diversity?

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