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Are we sleepwalking into Brexit Oblivion? The former Labour PM thinks we are.

In a recent article former prime minister Gordon Brown warns that with a no-deal Brexit, the UK is 'sleepwalking into oblivion amid nationalism'.


The strongly worded article written in the Observer sees Brown blaming what he said is a "destructive, nationalist ideology" and said the ideal of Britishness as tolerant "could not survive" a no-deal Brexit. 

He goes on to paint an ugly picture in which the new government was motivated not by public interest, but by a a "destructive, populist, nationalist ideology" that would threaten the existence of the union of the United Kingdom.

He argues that under Boris Johnson's leadership, the government had no unifying strategy to bring England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland together against a back drop of rising nationalism in all the nations.

Citing recent polling about people's attitudes to the union, he added: "What is most worrying is not just that so many think the union will end but how at least for now so few appear to care."

recent opinion poll for YouGov indicated that a majority of Conservative Party members prioritise leaving the EU over preserving the union.


Some 63% of respondents said they would rather Brexit took place even if it led to Scottish independence, and 59% expressed the same view about Brexit leading to Northern Ireland leaving the UK.

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