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Milton Keynes Council recently passed a special motion brought forward by the Liberal Democrats supporting the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The motion was unanimously supported by Labour and the Conservatives.

The special motion reads;

That this Council:

 Mindful of the death of George Floyd in the United States and of the demonstrations that followed;

  1. aware of the depth of public concern expressed during the last week in Britain about ingrained institutional racism directed against non-whites, particularly following events in Bristolon7 June 2020;

  2. conscious of the difficulty of organising supportive community demonstrations at the present time while maintaining social distancing requirements.

  3. therefore, on behalf of all Milton Keynes residents; and​

  4. urgently places on record its support for the objectives of the Black Lives Matter movement and for all similar initiatives.


The MK Mix says, the motion from Milton Keynes council is welcome, but ask what it is being done to address ingrained institutional racism in Milton Keynes?