Free Parking Anyone?

On 15th June Intu shopping centre in central Milton Keynes opened its doors for the first time in nearly 3 months.

Under normal circumstances, you would expect cheering crowds, a brass band, balloons, and banners to mark the occasion. Maybe even tents of shoppers camped outside all night to beat queues. The reality of re-opening however is more sobering affair.

Owing to having been at war locally, nationally, and internationally against Covid-19, store managers will no doubt be grateful for every customer that walks into their shop, appreciating that every punter will be hard-fought.

Some potential customers may not have been into a shop other than a supermarket for months, so high street retailers really are up against it to win customer's cash. From official statistics showing that online sales have tripled, to job insecurity and huge job losses, shoppers will need to pull something special out of the retail-therapy-bag to attract customers back.

With terrifying headlines of reported Covid19 deaths continuing, social distancing, endless queuing, one-way systems, the two-meter rules, along with a whole raft of ‘Covid-Safe’ guidelines, shopping won't be as much fun, even for the most hardened of shopper.

So why bother go through all this hassle when everything you are shopping for can be bought at the click of a mouse, while sipping on a brew, with you feet up, in the comfort of your own home?

No doubt a lot of customers will be asking this question. Rather than trying to answer, as everyone will have their own perspective, The MK Mix would rather look at how we can make shopping in town less hassle.


We suggest MK Council and Intu offer ALL shoppers (not just key workers). FREE PARKING till 31st January 2021, as a way of encouraging people and boosting trade for local shops who we know have had a crazy-tough time.

If you think this would encourage you to visit Centre MK be sure to share this post with Intu and MK council with #freemkparking21 .