DR Walter Greaves talks about how COVID-19 has impacted theatre and performance

Jade Jayeola gives a heartbreaking interview about child poverty and crime in Milton Keynes

Jane Carr explains the plans of the Council through the Child Poverty Commission to tackle poverty in Milton Keynes

Child Poverty in Milton Keynes


The recent call for free school meals for children who could not afford it in the media has drawn attention to the issue of child poverty in Milton Keynes where one in five children is living in poverty.

This is Milton Keynes' Council report on child poverty.




Anger as Milton Keynes MPs vote against free meals for children


Register to Vote


25% of people from BAME backgrounds are not registered to vote, disenfranchising themselves by not participating in local and national politics which impact on their delay lives.

Rebecca Cave, Tax Writer and Election Agent discusses the importance of registering to vote

Images from the launch of the Black Pioneers of Milton Keynes in January 2020 by Milton Keynes Council and Junior Filmmakers